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From: Simply Fitness
Published: Fri Jun 23 2017

The "ultimate" secret behind staying fit and healthy is now revealed by Simply Fitness. These tips help to gain better approach towards life and create a positive balance in life and health. Women are dominating every sector, fitness plays an important role in maintaining that life and achievements. Here are some health tips for modern women:

• Don't give up on Pull-Ups & Exercises: Prepare a fixed exercising schedule and include pull-ups, TRXs, plank pulls and squatting. These drills help to strengthen biceps, chest, middle back, shoulders, thighs, and elbows.

• Minimize Carb Intake: Avoid consuming any kind of carb during the day. Eating a refined portion spikes up the sugar levels, which in turn produces insulin and affects fat levels in the body. Things you aren’t allowed to eat include breads, white rice, cereal, honey, cookies, chocolate, corn syrup or sugar.

• Never Skip Post-Workout Meal: Many women tend to skip the most important meal of the day. No, not breakfast but post-workout meal. A proportionate intake of 10-15 gms. of protein and 20-30 gms. of carbohydrates within 30 minutes of work-out helps to regain energy and recover muscles. Joining our Fitness Classes in Moss Vale can help you buck up on your health trail!

• Stake Up Your Protein Diet: Combine your meals in such a manner that it strikes a perfect balance of carbs, fats and proteins. Don’t go overboard, and eat in small intervals. Proteins have amino-acids, which break down excess fat and help in recovering after a heavy work-out.

• No More Sugary Liquids: Avoid any kind of sweet drinks, sodas, milky treats or sweet-limes. If you feel thirsty, just a glass of fresh, rejuvenating water must be enough to quench your desires. For mental simulation, black coffee is your drink.

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Simply Fitness has established itself as a fitness and personal training studio, and works towards the betterment of society. There are customised women fitness training classes conducted under the supervision of professional trainers. The positive environment helps to gain self-empowerment and thrive for perfection.
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