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Published: Fri Jun 23 2017

PYTHON – This dynamic programming language and is vastly used as a high-level, most interpreted, general purpose language. The language is designed in a way that it focuses on readability and its syntax permeates the programmers to bring in various concepts in fewer code lines on line to C++ or Java. Python is designed in a way that it enhances the skill of one to write clear programs on both larger and smaller scales.
It helps write simple and readable programs and also supports multiple programming paradigms. This includes imperative, functional, object programming or procedural models. Thus, it features a dynamic system, with an auto-memory management. The language also has a comprehensive standard library and works on larger scale.
Take a look at some key features of Python:
 Python interpreters work well with most operating systems, thus functions well with a variety of systems
 The Python software may be used and distributed to those where there is no need to install its interpreter.
 CPython is a reference implementation of Python, which is free open-source software.
 This has a community-based development model, such as of its variant implementations.
 The CPython is maintained by a non-profit Python Software Foundation.

Python is designed as a highly readable language with an uncluttered visual layout, often used with English keywords where other languages use punctuations. Added to this Python has lesser syntactic exceptions and exceptional cases than C or Pascal. Python is a simple online programming language. Python online course is used by most of the Data scientists as it is considered to be one of the best programming languages for Data Science. It helps to write codes to deal with vast unstructured data for analysis. PythonÂ’s online training keeps you in sync with the latest IT developments and proves to be a good option for career growth ahead.
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