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Published: Sun Jun 25 2017

Sandra Bravo is an Entrepreneur, International Speaker,
Best Selling Author and #1 Expert on Women's Empowerment.

Sandra established her own business, AmaSSSing (a community for like-minded women) where sheÂ’s been transforming womenÂ’s businesses and their personal lives by teaching them confidence, self-development and entrepreneurship.

Ornamented with an ambitious, charismatic and self-motivated personality, Sandra is also a single mum and owner of 3 businesses.

Sandra Bravo has shared the world stage with T Harv Eker, Alex Mandossian, Ted Thomas, Doug Nelson, Blair Singer, JT Fox, Ian Marsh, Joel Roberts, Mac Attrum, Robert Riopel and many others.


Sandra has travelled to 37 countries and so far has trained over 13,000 students, in 13 different countries.


With a MasterÂ’s in Business Management, and over 15 years experience in the Corporate and Entrepreneurial world, SandraÂ’s passion is to inspire women to discover their voice in order to share their message with the world, allowing them to live their life with purpose & passion, take their businesses to the next level, manifest their dreams and be true leaders in what they do.
Sandra is Bilingual: English & Spanish.


SandraÂ’s Mission is to play the Pivotal role in Human Potential by Leading and Educating those people in business who truly want to Grow!


Sandra is an experienced facilitator and has led business and community transformation in project management in large organisations. She has spoken on transformation and maximising human potential in a variety of business and community forums.

Sandra specialises in delivering organisational and community change programs for:
Entrepreneurs & Business Owners | Large Corporations | Government Departments
Being an Entrepreneur has given me a very unique Leadership Ability to focus on Strategic Growth with a forward thinking mind as well as planning, developing and delivering programs in many different stages around the world for over tens of thousands of students.

Being an International Speaker, Corporate Trainer and Best Selling Author has allowed me to understand the Education needs in Business in different Cultures, Countries and Languages.


Some of the most common speaking topics and leadership development trainings for your organization are:

Time Management / Productivity Emotional Intelligence
Strategic Planning
Motivational Leadership & Mentoring Harassment Prevention
Business Writing / Email Writing Creativity / Innovation Succession Planning Performance Appraisal
Conflict Management Leading Change Networking
Leading Effective Meetings Developing Personal Leadership Developing Coaching Skills Relationship Building to Grow the Brand Communicate to Lead / Accountability Building Employee Engagement Customer Retention Money Management Sales Skills Delegation Risk Management Written Communication

SandraÂ’s corporate programs have proven to be very effective in driving business ownership. Whilst the programs have a well-developed and thought provoking conceptual framework, the real power comes from the very deliberate engagement of line management as a first step and the direct alignment of the program to the specific business strategies of the organization.
The uniqueness of these programs is achieved by customization dependent upon the needs of the particular business but remains based upon the conceptual frame work which delivers a results oriented outcome.

This approach combined with SandraÂ’s skills and enthusiasm has resulted in material changes to the way in which business functions, the energy shown by a number of line managers following the program is testament to the quality of both the program content and Sandra in her role as program leader.

Sandra motivates, energizes and engages audiences. She speaks at both large and small gatherings and will tailor any of these topics for your specific audience. Her topics can be combined for a weekend conference or retreat.

"Leadership is ... empowering others to use their gifts"

 I empower women to know their value and claim their worth!
 I encourage women to recognize and embrace their own greatness.
 I help them to break through emotional blocks that have been preventing them
from being their best self, and creating the life they truly desire.
 I save women years of painstaking trial and error, by assisting them to avoid
common mistakes that are all too often made, in life and in business.
 I give them simple and practical tools to be able to influence, negotiate and go
after what they want.
 I support women in giving themselves permission to take time off to recharge
their energy and to experience life as a journey, rather than a race.

About the Company


AmaSSSing was born from the recognition that women need – and deserve – a platform dedicated to the trials and the triumphs that are a part of their everyday life; at home, in the workplace and in the community.

Sandra and her business advocates for a better tomorrow through the women who aspire to be influencers at a time when their capacity to contribute is only surpassed by their desire to do so.

• Womenarenaturalbornleaders&naturalcommunicators.
• Many women recognize these innate strengths; not all know how to develop
them, share them, monetize them, or use them to make a true difference in todayÂ’s
• The compliment of our membership benefits illustrates that we are all stronger
together, than any of us could ever be alone.
• InAmaSSSingweputasidecompetitionandmakecooperationourpriority.
• WeenableLeaderstofindtheirvoice,theirplatformandtheiraudience.


In todayÂ’s globally competitive world, an important factor for success amongst women is the ability to develop self-confidence and stand out from the rest. International Speaker Sandra Bravo in her book: "Amazing YOU" guides you through a simple process to boost your confidence & to take a leap of faith to finally start living the life of your dreams, with a series of small habits that produce BIG results.

Confidence comes in many forms, but at the heart of it, is the ability to be creative, to experiment, to think outside the box and to take a leap of faith. Striving to be better, to continuously improve is what keeps us competitive, fulfilled and forward thinking.

Sandra Bravo offers a powerful and inspiring book that explores how to cultivate the courage, compassion, CONFIDENCE and connection to embrace your imperfections and to recognize that you are good enough. It gives you the tools to overcoming roadblocks in life, to jump over them and think big.

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