From: ChangeLogic
Published: Mon Jun 26 2017

Supply chain optimisation consultants ChangeLogic today
announced the launch of the firm’s new website The site is designed to showcase the firm’s network optimisation, inventory, warehousing, transportation, planning and logistics outsourcing services and provide clients with timely news, industry insights and best practices to enhance their business decision making.

"Whether your company is new to Australia or the region—or has been doing business here for many years--this is an exciting time to be optimizing a supply chain in Australia," said ChangeLogic partners Richard Koch and Timothy Dowsett. Said Koch, "ChangeLogic’s new website is designed to add value via timely, insightful article and blog posts on topics from the best inventory optimisation solutions to best practices in formulating a new logistics outsourcing strategy." Added Dowsett, "Ultimately, we want the website to help clients stay abreast of the supply chain and logistics changes and opportunities that will impact their businesses in the coming years and position themselves for success."

At ChangeLogic, the Koch/Dowsett team brings collective experience on over 400 projects and a strong track record of saving clients AUD$800 million to bear on client project work. The team works with clients in the healthcare, industrial products, government, mining, food and beverage to consumer goods, high-tech and telco and retail industries. Top names in Australia’s supply chains like John Carriero, BHP Billiton have provided praise for ChangeLogic’s expertise. Carriero noted, "ChangeLogic did an exceptional job on BHP Billiton’s 1SAP project at their energy coal asset in NSW. This process improvement project (one of the largest business transformations in the world) is introducing single business processes to be used anywhere in BHP Billiton. ChangeLogic was fantastic to work with; well educated, energetic, smart and loyal co-workers."

Before founding ChangeLogic, Dowsett held senior operational and consulting roles at firms including Pioneer Concrete, Deloitte Consulting, IBM Global Services, Ernst & Young and Carinya Group Management Consultants. For his part, Koch held senior management roles in the third-party logistics (3PL) industry and was founder and managing director of supply chain management consulting firm New World Business Solutions.

To learn more about how ChangeLogic ensures successful client growth and change, read more about our services.

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ChangeLogic is a boutique management consultancy specialising in supply chain optimisation. Our goal is to improve the efficiency and optimise the operations of our clients' supply chains. Founded in 2016, ChangeLogic has collectively completed 400+ projects and identified cost savings in excess of AUD$800m.

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