5 Reasons Why Meeting Face-to-Face Is Best- In Skype?

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Published: Mon Jun 26 2017

In the business and corporate working environment, using the face to face meeting is best every way to get the deal. This is really helpful, when you could see the person and understand his/her intention clearly.

The biggest challenge with a face to face meeting is the difference geographic location and time constraint. Business person and executives don’t have much time to travel and visit each client. In fact, the different time zones are also a problem. Here Skype comes are a great help. You can easily do face to face meetings, conference calls and video call without even moving out of your place.

Here, we have the top 5 reasons, why a face-to-face meeting is best with Skype.
1 -Everyone with be active and in the meeting
This is the major difference with a regular telephonic conference call, people used to get busy with other things while on a conference call and when it’s their turn; they are clueless. You can’t even mute the call because everyone can see you. This helps for a more productive meeting.

2 -Body Language is visible
There is a famous saying that our 95% communication is with body language and rest 5 % is verbal communication. You can see the personal clearly and also get his/her body language and expressions. This helps you to understand the next course of action needed. This is one of the drawbacks with telephonic conversations which can be fixed with Skype.

3 -The material is visible and reliable
You can’t rely on what you are thinking; but when you can see the information, documents, presentation face to face, you can be sure about the communication. When, you are on a telephonic or email communication; you can’t see and explain things the way you do in person. Here Skype works as a best tool ever.

4 -Active participation
This is a typical scenario in a conference call when one person is speaking; the other will be either busy with their own work or they will be less interested. You can say that most of the time others members used to be in passive mode while a conference call. Well, Skype face to face conversation made it a more active conversation. Now each member will participate and share views in the meeting.

5 -Time saving
When it comes about time, this is one of the most precious assets we have. Surprisingly, we don’t give it a concern. This is really sad when people don’t give a damn to time. You can save ample of time with Skype, which you were wasting while travelling and waiting for the meeting. The real-time communication is best with Skype. You just need a decent internet connection and Skype application.

A face to face conversation is completely different and more real for better productivity. Skype has the best ever features with face to face communication. We explained the top 5 reasons which make it easy to go with the communication with Skype.
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