G.S.T. Training to Officers and Managers of M.P. Tourism

From: MP Tourism
Published: Mon Jun 26 2017

Bhopal: In order to apprise about provision of tax and rate on tourism industry and hotel business in context to G.S.T., an important training programme has been organized by the Madhya Pradesh Tourism . It was informed that there will a single tax rate all over the country now on concept of ‘One Nation, One Tax and One Market’. The entire process will be transparent because of online system and business will become easy. No payment will be received without tax amount. G.S.T. will be applied on items served in the restaurant.

Secretary Tourism and Managing Director Shri Hari Ranjan Rao said that training will prove fruitful and assist in doing business with ease. He also gave important information concerning G.S.T.

Company Secretary Shri Sandesh Yashlaha apprised about important aspects related to hotel business through presentation. He informed important provisions of G.S.T. impacting activities of corporation like goods and services fulfillment, tax levied between states and centre, tax rate, time, place, input credit, bill preparation and filing of returns. In context to accounts, session on subject like necessary update information, taxation, G.S.T. Income tax, M.I.S, Maya and R.M.S. software, financial control etc. held during the training programme.
Practical training on various subjects was given by General Manager Operation Shri J. Mathew, General Manager Audit Shri D.K. Nag, Shri Virendra Khandelwal, Shri S. Menon during the programme.


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