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Published: Mon Jun 26 2017

Nowadays, we are bombarded with fitness apps capable of tracking our activities, diet, weight, and sleep patterns to help us stay motivated towards our fitness goals. The drawback to most of these fitness apps is that we need to have our smartphones on us 24/7 to get the most accurate response. Well,all that changed with the innovative color changing activewear.
The new active wear shirt keeps you warm but has the ability to change colors depending on your body temperature. Let’s look at what makes this product so unique yet useful.

Why Does It Change Color?
Like other workout clothes,all the shirts are dry-fit, meaning you can sweat it out without even showing it. The material used to make the shirts is MRI stylized technology approved and has been combined with the body’s blood flow and metabolism with advanced thermal imaging to create the color changes.

Essentially, the harder you work out and depending on the muscles that are worked, the shirt will change colors accordingly, giving you a clear map of muscles you have worked on and those that need to be worked on.

Why Do You Need It?

We all want to be able to visualize the impact of our workout in real time and the new color changing activewear has made that possible. Unlike other gym clothes, this will give you a clear and colorful picture of muscles you have worked on the ones you need to work on. It makes you feel good about yourself as you’ll be motivated to workout even harder.

We all have different bodies and work at a different rate but with the workout clothes, people will get to know more about themselves and how their metabolic response changes with the amount of heat that is produced.

What makes this active wear even better is the fact that it's eco-friendly because of the non-toxic dyes. At the end of the day, we all want to get the feeling of self satisfaction and see our progress and the new color changing activewear offers that at a very reasonable price. Visit

Get ready to heat things up in the gym -no pain no gain!
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