Published: Mon Jun 26 2017

Joel Hyatt’s latest start-up Globality, has released their inaugural 2017 Marketing Procurement Report. The international business-to-business marketplace company released the report this week that was based on a global survey that was sponsored by Globality and field research was conducted by the London-based company, Worldwide Business Research. The survey focused on finding out how procurement professionals, agencies and marketers can work together in order to see better and stronger business growth.

300 senior procurement professionals around the world participated in the survey. The survey uncovered the most common issues that they feel like prevents their business from reaching it’s full potential. These senior procurement professionals feel that procurement teams are often prevented from acting as strategic partners to their marketing counterparts due to a variety of issues that exist with the current structure. These professionals list historically inefficient processes, inflexible decision-making criteria and corporate barriers that limit innovation.

Globality’s General Manager of their Marketing Sector, Gabrielle Tenaglia said that the survey was designed to find ways to help marketing and procurement professionals realize different opportunities to help grown their business and to find out the best ways to avoid certain pitfalls.

"Procurement professionals are uniquely positioned to drive business value, particularly given their eagle eye view into a number of business activities that many people within an organization don’t typically touch," said Gabrielle Tenaglia, General Manager of Globality’s Marketing Sector. "Globality commissioned this survey to help marketers and procurement professionals realize the opportunity to collaboratively solve the pitfalls of the procurement process to ensure overall business success."

The key findings of the survey were very telling when it comes to what issues these procurement professionals face on a daily basis. According to the survey, the first issue that they face is the marketing procurement process is outdated and it not up to speed with the latest changes in technology and because technology is changing at such an amazing rate, it makes procurement the hardest category to manage. Another major finding of the survey was that due to the fact that procurement is spread across many categories, it is hard to find the right subject-matter expertise.

About Globality- Globality is based in Menlo Park, is a groundbreaking company that has created a business-to-business marketplace that connects smaller businesses with some of the largest corporations in the world. With the powerful combination of inventive artificial intelligence and the best industry minds, Globality will change the face of the global economy. Joel Hyattco-founded the company with Lior Delgo and along with a board of the best minds in their industries and the backing of high-powered angel investors; Globality is set on restoring the American Dream.

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