GPS Gaadi launched Fleet Tracking Device

From: GPS Gaadi
Published: Tue Jun 27 2017

The introduction of fleet tracking device has brought a lot of change in the transportation industry and the behaviour of drivers as well. The tracking device can help in reducing the increasing number of crimes or accidents. With the help of fleet tracking device, you can be able to examine the actual location of the driver, examine the number of times the driver stops the vehicle, and to analyze whether driver stops on the authorised stoppage or not.

GPS Gaddi has come up with such efficient and smart Fleet Tracking Device in India that not only helps a person to track the fleet, but also makes it possible to keep fleet maintained always. The tracking device GPS Gaddi provides is so user-friendly that no one needs to take any kind of special training to access it. The tracker’s interface is prepared in such a way that gives you complete insight into the behaviour of drivers, vehicle usage, efficiency of the vehicle, and the time vehicles takes to reach the destination. Using this device also helps to keep you peaceful because you are aware of your fleet’s current location.

Using the fleet tracking system in India, it is possible to track the vehicle conveniently in any corner of India. This tracking device is just not helpful for you, but also for drivers as they can receive a notification or alert if exceed the speed of vehicle than the standard speed for a vehicle. With the help of tracking device provided by GPS Gaddi, you no more need to call or send a message to the driver for asking where he has reached as you can easily view the animation of entire route at the real time.

Each and every single feature or function of the fleet tracking device is tested for quality and performance by the experts at GPS Gaddi so that it never leaves you upset and stands well upon your needs and expectations.
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