Guitarist Travels America To Play National Anthem

From: Youngblood Film
Published: Tue Jun 27 2017

TN—The Anthem Project is an evocative and cinematic musical journey around the diverse landscapes of our great country. The project aims to bring pause to a growing divisiveness in our country, and to focus on the beauty of our unique American wild. This haunting, moving rendition of the Star Spangled Banner is performed by renowned "finger-style" guitarist Keegan McClellan and filmed by acclaimed Nashville production company, Youngblood Films. The project was shot over the course of three weeks, traveling by car coast-to-coast and using over 14 locations within that time frame. The crew even slept in their Toyota Prius to wake up on some of the actual location shoots in time for pre-dawn and sunrise filming.

"Keegan McClellan is the acoustic guitar player of doom," said Andy Ellis, Senior Editor at Premier Guitar. Keegan is an instrumental acoustic guitar solo artist. His music is characterized by a sonically and visually absorbing amalgam of techniques in the spirit of modern finger-style, such as percussive strikes, right hand tapping, and extensive use of alternate tunings. The result, never reduced to mere showmanship, is a sound that paints a picture in the heads of listeners of a range of predisposed musical tastes. His compositions reflect deep interest in the quality of the smallest details, cultivated by copious hours of practice, as well as the big picture: listenability.
The music video will capture America’s ecological trademarks and include many National parks and famous sites from coast to coast such as the badlands, the Golden Gate Bridge, the rockies, the Atlantic ocean and more. It is to be released on YouTube and Facebook as well as the artists website, leading up to July 4th, 2017 to commemorate our nation’s birthday celebrations.
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