Experts agree being organized in a smart, effective way can be completely life changing. The new app

From: Preparture Inc
Published: Tue Jun 27 2017

It's hardly a secret many people are not organized in the most effective way when it comes to both setting up their daily schedule and, especially, when it comes to making and following plans when taking a trip. The good news is a new app, Preparture recently announced their launch designed to help users plan, organize and schedule their lives in a more efficient, effective and even fun way. Users couldn't be more pleased.

"Social planner take note," commented a spokesperson from Preparture. "Preparture is a free scheduling app that helps users plan their itinerary around town, out of the country and even before that final departure. We are doing our best to impress in every way possible."

According to the team behind the app, some of the highlights of Preparture include: Personalized user scheduling capabilities; uses GPS to show local restaurants and other things to do for fun and recreation; travel times to get to different locations; estimated time needed to enjoy what's offered at places added to their itinerary; and much more.

Preparture is available for individuals and they plan to release the Business version this summer; versions of the app can be used on major platforms i.e. iOS and Android smartphones devices,

Early feedback of the app has been completely positive across the board.

John G., from New York, recently said in a five-star review, "I have been notorious among friends and coworkers for how disorganized I am when it comes to travel plans. All this is gone now that I have been access to Preparture. The app has made traveling quick, easy and much less expensive. I'd recommend Preparture to anyone who needs some help in these areas like I did. Fully recommended."

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