Enjoy the Great Outdoors with the New Rainbow Butterfly Kite!

From: aGreatLife
Published: Thu Jun 29 2017

When you’re so eager to go out with your kids but they’re so hooked on their gadgets, you just need to remember that your kids might just want something new and fun to do. You just need to entice them with something as bright and colorful as the Rainbow Butterfly Kite and the endless possibilities to have more fun as you let it soar up in the sky.

The Rainbow Butterfly Kite is one of the new kites that aGreatLife especially designed for kids. It’s so easy to assemble, launch and fly! We want to make sure you would enjoy it with your kids for so many years so we used high quality and fade-proof ripstop polyester fabric for increased stability, sturdy rods to provide a strong frame and an easy-grip flat line winder with durable string for easier navigation. You’ve got all the best features in one kite, so what more can you ask for?

To make it a lot easier for you to assemble this 3D outdoor kite, each kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions so you can set it up and let it soar right away.

We always have you in mind that’s why all our products come with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our Rainbow Butterfly Kite is guaranteed safe, reliable and durable. Should you have any problem or concern, you just need to get in touch with our customer-centric team at support@agreatlifebrand.com and we can give you a refund or send you a replacement.

Place your order NOW and start creating memorable outdoor bonding experiences with your kids that will surely last for a lifetime. Just click on www.agreatlifebrand.com. It’s a better life with aGreatLife!
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