#LLAStoryStaircase - Crowdsourcing Stories from Social Media

From: Light & Life Academy
Published: Thu Jul 06 2017

Light & Life Academy (LLA) wants to spread the joy of photography. While it has already taken various measures to do so amongst serious amateur photographers, it wants to spread this joy even among those who need a little encouragement.

LLA believes that photography is first about seeing the photo, then about taking it. Thus, LLA wants to encourage people to share what they see by providing a stimulus – a photograph. LLA will launch this encouragement in the form a contest.

What is the contest about?

"…because every picture tells a story!"

But every story is different for every viewer.

And every great picture inspires a great story!

LLA wants to provide a platform for everyone to express their perspectives and in return collate all the varied perspectives that a single stimulus can provide.

Thus, LLA is launching a contest called Story Staircase where LLA will provide the stimulus – a photo – and invite people to send their perspective in 140 characters.

And there’s more! – it doesn’t end with the one line. The photo will be hosted for 5 days. Each day a new line will be selected which will complete a part of the story and provide inspiration for the next part. Thus, the story will be unveiled in parts over 5 days, and will be completed only on the 5th day.

And all this is completely crowdsourced, thus the story takes its own shape as the days’ progress

The contest is live on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter and for anyone to participate. Contest Rules can be found here - http://bit.ly/2uIuqL7

About Light & Life Academy
Light & Life Academy is a not-for-profit education trust started by Iqbal Mohamed and Anuradha Iqbal, set up with the initial support of Kodak India & Eastman Kodak, USA in the year 2001.

This was a first custom designed, full facility institute exclusively for photography in India. It started with the objective of providing affordable professional photography education of a high standard.

Our Philosophy
At Light & Life Academy, we believe that images are created by what you observe and by what you intuit. Our every endeavour, therefore, is to go beyond a thorough understanding of the art & science of photography, towards awakening and nurturing each individual’s unique vision and inner vision as is symbolised in our logo.

Contact Information:
Website: www.llacademy.org
Contact Person: Dhruval Doshi
Phone Number: +919820990106
Email: dhruval.doshi@omnihub.in
Company: Light & Life Academy
Contact Name: Dhruval B Doshi
Contact Email: dhruval.doshi@omnihub.in
Contact Phone: +919820990106

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