Challenges in Learning a Foreign Language

From: sifil
Published: Tue Jul 11 2017

According to the statistics, a growing child possesses the ability to learn dozens of words every day and can comfortable master any language in few formative years of his/her life. But as it grows, child's ability to learn new words wanes down to maximum of few words per day only. Similar trend is often reflected when youngsters or adults embark upon the journey of learning a foreign language. They all tend to stumble across with a basic inertia from within, for which sometimes reason can be psychological or sometimes it might be because of linguistic background of the person.
One of the most common challenges faced by learners is with respect to keeping patience during the course while pursuing it. It is very common to lose patience and give up specially when one is trying to learn words and grammar of a language as vast and complicated as Chinese Language. It is utmost important to keep patience and seek consistent help from competent faculties to overcome the challenge.
Another common challenge faced by learners is the fear of failure. They often feel very conscious about usage of grammar, correct pronunciation or phonetics too. This often creates a mental block for them and restricts the learning process. And as progress slows down, it also results into learner's waning interest in the language course. The easiest way to overcome this challenge is to be fearless in approach and accept the fact the mistakes are part of learning process in every sphere of life. Learner can try different words or sentence combinations to develop accuracy and proficiency in the desired foreign language.
Symbiosis Institute of Indian and Foreign Languages (SIFIL) helps the learners in overcoming all the above mentioned challenges with the help of its refined teaching methodology and expert faculties. Learners who want to pursue foreign language courses in Pune rely upon the expertise of SIFIL to attain complete fluency in languages. SIFIL conducts weekday as well as weekend classes for all prominent languages like French, German and Spanish in Pune. SIFIL is part of renowned Symbiosis International University and it is also a leading institute to conduct Japanese Language Course and Chinese Speaking classes in Pune. Institute offers excellent faculties and focused study material which helps the learners in overcoming the common linguistic, habitual and psychological challenges. SIFIL moulds them into confident individuals with multi linguistic capabilities who are ready to take in the ever changing globalized world.
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