A Gift from Ali Jahangir Siddiqui JS Bank CEO to Sarfaraz

Published: Wed Jul 12 2017

The cricketing flagship of Pakistan recently took a turn for the best when the Champions Trophy 2017 surfaced from the ashes of a four year absence. In events that occurred throughout the tournament, no one will ever forget the extent of shocking results that changed the course of cricketing marksmanship for decades to come. In such an event, Pakistan Cricket Team took it upon themselves to fully entertain the global cricket fans by performing one of their greatest stints in recent history. In events that clocked various surprises along the batting and bowling line-ups, Pakistan defied all the odds and arrived at the highest level to defeat and dethrone India from the Champions’ Trophy.

Events followed and parties happened, yet one of the biggest gestures from the Pakistani citizens was the communal togetherness and affection showered upon Team Captain Sarfraz and his players. Since the team came back to their homes, the people took it upon themselves to welcome them by gathering up outside their homes and singing songs in their names to show how happy they all are.
It is a big achievement for the Pakistani team; defeating India these days is more of a dream for most of the teams around the world, yet even the odds arrive to defy the statistics of their cricketing in the shape of a transformed Pakistan cricketing line-up. Records were broken and new priorities were set; a major shout out the Indian team for displaying an exceptional performance throughout the tournament. You guys are an amazing bunch of individuals and are surely poised for great success in the future. But only after Pakistan!

To throw a cherry on top off a bulging creamy cake, Pakistan took it upon itself to gift those who represent the country’s intent. In a show streamlined ‘Geo Khailo Pakistan’, Cricket Captain Sarfraz was called upon stage, congratulated by the audience and presenters, but the surprise was the most eye-catching of them all. As a token of appreciation and growing confidence among many, Sarfraz was gifted a BMW X1 live on the show. The gift was apparently sponsored by JS Bank’s very own Ali Jahangir Siddiqui, who himself couldn’t get over the entire feeling of Pakistan’s victory over their arch rivals. In his message to the Pakistani Cricket Team, Ali Jahangir said, "We at JS Bank would like to congratulate Pakistan Cricket Team for an ecstatic performance in the Champions Trophy 2017. This is a landmark achievement for our cricketing fantasy and is bound to open new doors towards a promising sporting prospect for our country and eventually for the entire cricketing world. Congratulations Sarfraz, congratulations Pakistan!".
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