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From: Desi Catering
Published: Mon Jul 17 2017

Citizens are welcomed to prepare themselves for a new desi food establishment in town. Desi catering, known as Taste of Karachi, has been around for over 5 years. It has been making people all of London fall in love with their great tasting authentic Asian cuisine.

Desi Catering specializes in traditional Pakistani &Indian Desi food. They specialize in traditionaldesi dishes that are made with fresh ingredients and authentic spices. It is this great taste that will make you come back again and again.

About Desi Catering:
Desi catering is known for itsdesi food catering. In London there are many establishments that servedesi food but desi catering is unique in its taste and serves the best authentic Pakistani & Indian food. Most Asian cuisine is based on the use of spices and traditional cooking methods which adds that extra touch to each dish. This is why Desi Catering is different, they use only the finest ingredients, fresh vegetables and a traditional cooking method which enhances the taste of each and every dish that they produce.
Many clients of Desi Catering are repeat clients and this is all down to the food. The chefs ensure that each and every event is catered to with the highest quality and best taste possible. They are experts in making traditional dishes such asQorma, Haleem, Biryani and Nihari. They are always looking for new food innovation and fusion to keep in touch with the younger market too! So what are you waiting for, pop in a visit Desi catering at 157 Burnt Oak Broadway, Edgware HA8 5EH, UK.


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