Shopping For The Best Icon Sets For Building User Interfaces

From: Dutch Icon
Published: Mon Jul 17 2017

Some of the best icon sets are popular and iconic due to their simplicity and uniqueness in their designs. Icon sets generally contain more than 500 icons that are designed and manipulated as one. Icon sets such as Gizmo and iOS can be utilized in Android and IOS applications where navigation relies on tapping on the various icons in order to perform various tasks or generate the desired information. They aid in simplifying how the user is able to comprehend and utilize the application or website to get their desired results. They can also be utilized offline as indicators in a building or railway terminal.

The Gizmo and iOS are mostly icons for websites as opposed to the Raw and Pika sets are for both on and offline purposes. While you can be playful and creative with your icons, you have to ensure that the main goal that the icon can be universally understood with what it represents. This is important especially in mobile and tablet devices whereby most applications are required to be easy to navigate often using simple and familiar universally to everyone.

Most icons are usually pre-designed that you purchase and utilize without much modification. However, you can have additional custom icons to your set that are modeled as per the client’s preferences. Custom icons are also an emerging trend due to how easy the web design formula has become with advancement in software technology. Nowadays web design is boiled down to sort of a modulation system where modules that accomplish a set of tasks are managed independently then pooled together to create the website. This helps ease the process of diagnosing various problems that may emerge and finding the appropriate solutions to counter these problems. With custom icon design you add uniqueness to your website.

When you want additional icons to the set you purchase, you just communicate your icon ideas to a professional icon designer and it can be done in two ways. Either you have a complete icon style designed from scratch or you let the designer create icon add-ons to a pre-existing style. Customized icons can also be modified into other icons thereby the process of starting from scratch which is cumbersome is abandoned. You also have the option of selecting your preferred icons from the catalogue of options than downloading them as a set. Web design has become an easier and more creative process that you can even start doing on your own without the help of professionals. So you will definitely get what works for you and your website.
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