MOLPay Releases Multi-language Support on Mobile XDK

From: MOLPay
Published: Tue Jul 18 2017

The Southeast Asia’s payment gateway, MOLPay brings in multi-language support in its Mobile XDK for merchants to hold a bigger market reach to China and Southeast Asia.

MOLPay released its Mobile XDK in 2016, which is an optimized cross-platform mobile application payment kit which is easy to integrate and works on any mobile platform. MOLPay Mobile XDK supports escrow payment, credit card payment, cash payment at 7-Eleven, internet banking and so on.

Recently, the launch of this multi-language mechanism is hoped to let customers from diverse background to shop smoothly, with the ability of Mobile XDK to bridge the language barriers.

As part of the mission to provide a smooth business process, merchants only need to make sure that the app is supporting any languages preferred by the customers. Among the languages that are supported in Mobile XDK are English (EN), Malay (MS), Vietnamese (VI), Thai (TH), Filipino (FIL), Burmese (MY), Khmer (KM), Indonesian (ID) and Chinese Simplified (ZH).

If the app supports any of the language stated, the payment page will automatically follow the language setting chosen by the customers from the app homescreen.

The key objective of this new feature in Mobile XDK is to help merchants to provide the multi-language support in mobile shopping and enable merchants to present the payment page in the language preferred by the customers.

With the ability to localize the payment page, the merchant website now can be fully-operated with the language chosen by the customers and let them finish each process in only one language.

Previously, the details on the payment page are only able to be presented in a limited choice of language, such as English. It has resulted to a sudden language change on the payment page for the app that offers local language to the customers.

Any language barriers might distract the customers to proceed with the process that they are required to follow. It will also reduce the potential for businesses to gain the customers who prefer to use a specific language.

With this new feature in Mobile XDK, merchants can now penetrate the China’s and Southeast Asia’s market with over 600 millions population.

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