In Praise of the Posthaste Life: Cultivating Ambitions Versus Efficiency

From: inhaslè Co.
Published: Wed Jul 19 2017

inhaslè Co., an emerging lifestyle brand venture to society's liveliness.

New York City, NY – Numerous radical changes in almost all sectors of life practically shift the way humans live, and surprisingly it just flows without any significant constraints from a majority of people. Driven by technology and a passion for thriving, the so-called fast life is often praised for its effectiveness on getting something done from A to Z in a relatively short time, a nod to the infamous and well-practiced phrase "time is money" nowadays.

The widely adopted lifestyle ultimately raised questions, does the hurried life carry more benefits as it seems? Or just a bunch of setbacks for the modern civilization? Well, according to lifestyle brand inhaslè CEO Kevin Hendrix, this trend could generally lean more on the positive side due to its after-effects, i.e. changes in daily behavior. As the man himself explained, "As people we tend to seek a faster and more effective way of doing something, particularly executing tasks which in turn would increase productivity and saves the time spent. This makes sense since the world is rapidly growing in a split of time."

Being a busy person, most people have a lot going on -- from catching up with deadlines, figuring out how to get somewhere quickly, to packing up necessities to support their occupation.

"Of course this kind of lifestyle would lead people to seek for more 'instant life hacks' to improve and simplify anything they had. Unfortunately, that might not be the best case every single time," he added, with a slight of scathe, "because you can't generalize some problems and come up with one fix. For instance, here at inhaslè we specifically consider the needs of our customers to fulfill their daily activities. When someone has a problem storing their pocket-sized valuables, it's the Premium Case. When someone needs something to hold a vaporizer and its components, it's the Veilvora Vape Bag. When someone wants to organize their belongings neat and efficient, it's the Lindervas Strapped Bag. When someone wants to simplify their complex traveling kit, it's the Leivel Bag. The idea is to put things in perspective."

While it's clear the hurried, fast-changing life is rewarding for some people due to its convenience, it's not a crime to sometimes wind things down and appreciate slowness.

The fast life offers broad opportunities when it is supported with helpful tools to keep up with the quest, as well as it is important to do some reflection after a take on a cluster of events. Addressing life ambitions with a portion of efficiency starts with a choice.

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