Brand Explainers Speaks About 6 Types of Marketing Videos For Increasing Ecommerce Sales

From: Brand Eplainers
Published: Thu Jul 20 2017

Marketing videos are being used extensively by businesses with the purpose of user engagement. For e-commerce businesses, there are several options that can be used for attracting new customers as well as keeping them engaged on the portal. The Director of Brand Explainers, a Custom Explainer Videos Company, speaks about 6 different types of marketing videos for fuelling ecommerce sales.

He says, "To begin with, one can make use of a Product Demo Video, which would highlight the features, the basics of how the product works, and its benefits for the end user. These custom explainer videos can be integrated with the home page or the product page, enabling the potential customers to derive more information on their desired products. Next, ecommerce businesses can display How-to Videos on their portals. These provide the customer with step-by-step information on the usage of the product along with its features. They can be incorporated as a link on the product page so that the consumer can gain in-depth knowledge about the product he/she intends to buy. Displaying Related Videos is also a great means of facilitating customers to find information about the products that are similar to the ones they intend to purchase or have already purchased."

He continues, "At times, the online shopper finds himself in a dilemma on which brand to buy for a particular item. In such scenarios, comparison videos are very helpful, since they help in understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each product as well as provide a comparative overview of the selected items. This enables the customer to make a rather informed decision and eases out his/her stress of choosing the right product amidst thousands of choices. Then there are interactive videos that prove to be an ideal way of keeping the customers engaged on an online shopping site. These generally come with a call-to-action button or a link to a specific product page."

Speaking about Testimonials, he says, "We all know that testimonials play an important role in the purchasing decision of a customer. By showcasing testimonials in the form of a video enables the shopper to get an idea of the quality and usability of the product. They also help in garnering the trust of the audiences."

Those who wish to craft any of the above-mentioned videos can get in touch with Brand Explainers, one of the most reliable & esteemed creative video explainer company. With their assistance and guidance, ecommerce businesses can surely boost their sales as well as enhance their brand reputation.
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