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Published: Thu Jul 20 2017

First of All Tableau is a rapid BI software It has Great Visualization, Easy to USE, Fast.
Great Visualizations: IT Allows anyone to Connect to data, visualize and create interactive, in a few clicks sharable dashboards too.
Ease of USE: It’s as easy that any excel user can learn it but powerful enough to satisfy even the most Complex analytical problems.
Fast: We can create parallelized dashboards, quick filters and calculations
Firstly we can make an extreme powerful data visualization utilizing any data with Tableau Desktop quickly and easily. It works with hundreds of Data sources. Using this Tableau Server you can share data and dash board and collaborate with governance using the tableau server. Here Tableau Online is nothing but a hosted tableau Server, which keeps the data Secure. Tableau 10.2.1 is to be known as the latest version of tableau and it has been released on the month of April 5, 2017. The tableau desktop Customers in the environments with the authorized product updates will be elicited to upgrade some days after a maintenance release is made available. Taking Tableau Training you will be having an Added advantage for your Resume.
New Capabilities: Here the calculation that contains the DATETRUNC function created the wrong queries that would return the unexpected results when linked to Hive Data sources.
Corrected Issues:
There are 19 updates for Tableau Desktop and 14 updates for Tableau Server.
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