Introducing comprehensive suite of Open Source ERP Salon & Spa management solution

From: Serpent Consulting Services
Published: Fri Jul 21 2017

Giving a new edge to innovation, SerpentCS has come up with one of the most ingenious Open Source ERP product for Salon and Spa arena. A comprehensive suite of Salon and Spa management have been designed and developed by SerpentCS highly qualified and talented professional developers to satiate requirements on a daily basis.

The team observed various challenges faced by Spa and Salon owners and also studied manual errors occurring repeatedly. With an aim to reduce and eliminate those errors, SerpentCS developed an innovative ERP solution for the entire industry.
This comprehensive automated system helps Spa and Salon owners to systemize their orders, right from customer booking to its payment process. Customers can be allocated to the beautician as per their skill and type of service from the system itself. Beautician gets prior notification about the number of orders they have to serve on a particular day. Besides that, there is a commission allocation feature in the system, that configures commission allocated to a particular beautician based on their performance and number of orders served.

Besides that, there is much more in the system to offer Salon & Spa owners. Let's have a quick look over that:
Easy booking of orders
Simplified service allocation
Floor & chair management and allocation
Service progress status
Commission allocation to employees
Booking as well as payment receipt generation with barcode
Transparent billing system
Revenue analysis
Membership enrollment (to customers)

It has almost everything to offer to Salon and Spa industry and streamline their services while increasing customer satisfaction. With almost negligible flaws, the system has been developed keeping user experience in mind. It has a hassle free friendly user-interface that offers much more to the users of the system and the customers as well.

Thus, this automated Salon & Spa ERP Solution makes sure to serve customers as well as beautician the best way without any hassles.

So, if you too are a Salon or Spa owner and wish to have this comprehensive streamlined system, you can surely reach us at given contact details. Also, if you belong to a different industry and have any innovative idea on any innovative system, you can definitely share with us. We would help you to transform your idea into a profitable business solution.
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