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Published: Fri Jul 21 2017

3RM has started providing this service to one of the prestigious places in India i.e Rashtrapati Bhavan as part of their initiative to convert it into a Ecosmart Campus.

The mosquito control and management is a scientific process, which has not been realized so far in the country. On pretext of mosquito control, institutions and agencies are wasting money in performing chemical fogging, which is not only ineffective but highly dangerous for all living beings, aqua and fauna of mother earth. Mosquito control is the prerogative of municipalities and health departments in all the states and districts. They incurr huge budgets to the tune of hundreds of crores in fogging, awareness programs and advertisements leave aside the indirect costs due to loss of productivity and health care. An average dengue episode represents 14.8 lost days for ambulatory patients at an average cost of US$ 514 and 18.9 days for non-fatal hospitalized patients at an average cost of US$ 1491. (Reports from WHO and other Global agencies)

We use complete certified 100% non toxic, chemical free bioformulations to scientifically control mosquito breeding during its lifecycle. There are multiple type of bioformulations, which are used invariably during pre-monsoon, monsoon & post monsoon season over various type of land areas, said Manish Pathak MD & Cofounder of 3RM.

India faces one of the biggest health care crises due to vector borne diseases and we have not adopted globally proven technologies to address this challenge due to various factors ranging from lack of willingness, awareness, population and geographical dynamics. Insecticide resistance is a major threat to existing vector control methods.
This solution could prove to be a boon for this ongoing challenge as the this product does not try to kill adult mosquito directly rather it stops the breeding through biologically driven scientific methods.

After winning one of the prestiious clients Rashtrpati Bhavan and few others, we are now scaling our team across various states like Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa to take up turnkey projects for cities and clusters, said Manish Pathak. He also added that keeping a catchy name in Indian context was well deliberated and giving its desired results.
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