A man of the world – Jignesh Shah

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Published: Fri Jul 21 2017

A man of the world – Jignesh Shah
To be able to chart the territories of the Jignesh Shah’s experience would be extremely hard . After having decided to revolutionize the Indian markets at an early age, he chose to pursue degree in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering. He worked for the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) on various projects before completely overhauling the financial and stock market technologies.

In 1998, Jignesh Shah founded the renowned company known as Financial Technologies India Limited (FTIL), which is now widely known as 63 Moons. The company has systematically worked to democratize commodity exchanges in India, Dubai, Africa and Singapore. His net worth is evaluated over $ 1 Billion. Having started from almost nothing, Shah is considered amongst the likes of Azim Premji, Shri Nadar and Narayan Murthy. Moving with the pace he has, many of his employees have become millionaires and live in some of the most expensive areas of Mumbai. He is the youngest amongst the 40 billionaires who made it on their own and that too he accomplished in less than 10 years.

Like many other nobles, his story isn’t devoid of evils conscripted to stop his procession. The NSEL case has been popularized as a scam by people as high up as the bureaucracy of the government. Jignesh Shah has created numerous auxiliary companies and technologies that offer branded productized services targeted for financial markets and transactions. His actions have always justified his motives to do and promote good of the society as a whole. His decision to study in India instead of flying abroad for a degree says more than his noble motives to see India among the developed countries.

Big names like IBM, TCS, Tibco Software are the competitors of Jignesh Shah’s firm. Financial Technologies was ranked number 1 by Business World in their 2006 annual BW 500 for delivering highest returns to its shareholders. The company portfolio of FTIL includes institutions like MCX, DGCX and ODIN. Shah got into currency markets through IBS-Forex, a digital currency-trading platform, providing currency-trading solution sphere. With a market share of 30% the company transactions ranged to $ 100 million on a daily basis.

"India’s financial markets are proxy to India 2.0 growth and Financial Technologies is proxy to the growth of India’s financial markets, as we have 90 percent of market share in India. Hence Financial Technologies is proxy of India 2.0 growth story" says Jignesh Shah. With all that he has accomplished through the years of perseverance in the financial and stock markets, he can simple be called a man of the world!
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