Protecting Yourself Against the Petya Malware is Not a Difficult Task Anymore

From: Techlabs24x7
Published: Fri Jul 21 2017

In the recent case, the Malware or the Ransomware known as Petya affected the industry giants of so many countries. It did not spare a popular chocolate company even. In the initial pictures, the malware was just considered as a ransomware just like WannaCry, which was another notorious piece of ransomware. Petya was accused of locking down the entire systems of the companies, and then it displayed a message asking for money to the users, in exchange of which the creator of the software will give the users the key of decrypting the encrypted files. The message demanded $300 to be paid via Bitcoin, the electronic wallet application. As mentioned earlier here, the attack of Petya is being considered to that of the WannaCry which affected more than 2,30,000 computing devices of more than 150 countries worldwide in the month of May, this year. There is a fine line of difference in the function of the WannaCry and Petya although. The payment avenue of the hackers was later on closed by the provider of the email. The experts now are claiming that in the disguise of just a mere malware or a ransomware, Petya came into being for a larger damage to the integrated systems of the computing devices, especially for the Government of Ukraine. Petya is also being claimed to be stealing the user id as well as the passwords of the systems that are stored. Petya is, in fact, a former name for an old version of the malware. When, after a thorough research, the experts came up with a huge list of the differences, they managed to found a completely different set of the streak.

So, how do you get yourself protected against Petya?

There is one specific way in which you can arm yourself up against this notorious malware. The attack of the malware first affects the Windows Server Message Block service, which is used to share the files and also the printers that are spread across a common network. It is advised that you get your windows based machine upgraded with the latest patches of the tech giant.
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