New Chamber of Commerce Membership Opportunity

Published: Fri Jul 21 2017

New Benefit for Chambers of Commerce to Provide Members

Sacramento, California - Biztellect is pleased to announce the creation of a new and unique opportunity for Chambers of Commerce. Chambers can now provide Biztellect membership access to their members. The web page at provides information and answers to common questions about the subject and new service.

"There is a growing need for Chambers of Commerce to differentiate themselves and provide real value to local businesses. The strained ''benefit'' of providing a link on the chamber website can be of such low value it is perceived a disincentive to membership. This is because prospective members wonder - is that all the chamber can do for me? Numerous Chambers of Commerce have gone of business. Others have for all intents disappeared, except for a Facebook page, and given up trying to attract paid members."

The Chamber of Commerce membership opportunity covers all the reports, guides and forms found in Biztellect:

Marketing Strategies.
Business Guides.
Legal Forms.
Tax Strategies.

Some of the strategic guides, by themselves, will provide more "in the pocket" benefit for businesses than the cost of chamber membership.

At the same time, chamber membership is less than the cost of a regular Biztellect membership, or nearly the same price.

This makes paying for a chamber membership virtually free for businesses, while still getting whatever additional benefits are provided by the chamber of commerce.


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