EMERALD SKY: Why go condo

From: Carlisle Developments Inc
Published: Wed Jul 26 2017

Many people – especially their first time at buying a condo – will struggle over the decision of whether to buy a condo. The Carlisle Group has extensive experience building and developing condos – including their latest Calgary project, Emeral Sky, a six storey steel and concrete building in the NW location of Kincora – and has some advice that makes it easy to see the benefits.
Purchasing a condo includes purchasing a maintenance-free lifestyle. These range from small benefits to huge savings ¬– and impact you in many ways. While homeowners are out mowing lawns, condo owners have their time freed up to enjoy life while someone else takes care of it. When windows need washing, homeowners need to choose between buying a ladder and investing a weekend or spending money on a cleaner. Condo owners don’t even think about it – it’s someone’s job to keep the windows clean. Eventually, every building needs maintenance. But while the condo fees create a fund for these kinds of repairs so that condo owners don’t have to worry, ask any homeowner how many tens of thousands of dollars it costs out-of-pocket to take care of a new roof for their house or a flooded basement.
When you’re looking at new condos for sale in Calgary, you can really maximize on lifestyle. From underground parking to on-site facilities, there are a wide range of options you can choose to add to your lifestyle. Great communities are always built in vital locations. With greater affordability, new condo projects are including more lifestyle and more value than ever before. It’s one of the great things about condo living!
Condos locations are usually chosen with proximity to transit and highways. Downtown condos are ideal for people who want to be in the city centre and not have to drive, but other locations offer easy commuter access without having to endure living in the heart of the hustle and bustle. They still offer neighbourhoods full of easy-to-access amenities, from businesses and services to dining, entertainment and shopping.
Whether you’re investing in a condo as a step to your next home or you’re looking for a place to put down roots, condo living provides a turn-key solution. There is significant value in having a home of your own without all of the upkeep of a house. The expenses are also lower since everything from property taxes to homeowners insurance and utility fees are always lower. It just makes condo living so much easier on the budget.
If you’re looking for a condo to buy in Calgary, Emerald Sky offers an exceptional lifestyle. You’ll enjoy beautiful, modern suites – a pleasure whether you’re entertaining or on your own. Modern kitchens will fuel the home chef to create cuisine with flair. Ensuites and bathrooms make it easy to start the day invigorated. Terraces are inviting, a great private escape to enjoy the view, a sunset or just a breath of fresh air while relaxing. Suite layouts, finishes set the stage for some fabulous decor.
Of all the new condos in Calgary, Emerald Sky offers an amazing opportunity for your new home, lifestyle included!
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