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Today's generations are seeking a more personalized experience, and more personalized services in everything they are involved in. There are some companies that are providing outstanding service for singles and families today, and they are meeting EVERY expectation.

[ClickPress, Tue Aug 08 2017] Exclusively raised by smart phones, today's generation has every answer and every need at the click of a button. The future for the consumer for the new Generation Z, is not far off from Generation X & Y Millenials' expectations. They each want personalized service, quicker, and more detailed per their needs. These generations filter out the fluff and choose raw, organic, unfiltered services and products that are transparent and honest. For this reason, there are only a few companies surviving in this market and grasping the attention of these young adults, and young family starters.

Companies like King Louis Services out of Boca Raton, Florida are making waves amongst this community of consumers. The company has created all-inclusive packages for home maintenance that only families from today's generations truly understand. With dual incomes, less time, and the rapidity of the rat race, families' are relying more and more on concierge types services from house cleaning to lawn maintenance to electrical services and catering. King Louis is one of the few companies that are doing it all. They don't stop there, as they are handling the transportation for the snowbirds, and their grandkids (this generation of parents, Gen X), floral delivery, nutritional counseling, pressure washing and carpet cleaning services, and catering by only 5-star gourmet chefs. While the generation can appreciate doing the work themselves, today's time constraints simply don't allow for it.

With a husband and wife team, the company is run by members of the same demographic that understand the needs of the South Florida market. They even use the services of their company themselves.

For more information on how to get a house cleaning package, lawn maintenance package, electrical home maintenance, carpet cleaning or other services give them a shout at 561-248-4807 and ask for Sean, the Sales and Customer Service Director. He is always ready and waiting to service the generation that expects the most with seamless efforts.

The current website, that is being revamped can be viewed at: or better yet check out some of their posts on social media - Facebook is one of their faves!

Company: King Louis Services
Contact Name: Sean
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 561-248-4807
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