smart meter UK,smart metering uk

Published: Mon Aug 14 2017

Smart meter UK
Smart metering uk

From smart phones that can store your whole life, to smart cars that can map your ride across country, there has been practically no part of our lives that haven't been affected by technology. So it should come as no surprise that your electric company has a "smart" device of its own - the smart meter.
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One state that uses them is Texas. It's a leader in the deregulated electricity market, championing changes like this new technology that offer savings to so many customers.

Here, we'll discuss exactly what smarter meters are they are and how they can help you save on energy costs.

Out with the Old, In with the New... Smart Meter That Is

In the past, every private and commercial residence was required to have an electric meter installed on its premises. This was necessary so that energy companies could calculate monthly electric use and properly bill for it. The way they did it was by sending meter readers to the property.

Many of us have looked out the window and been startled by "a strange man" walking onto our property. On closer inspection, we see that it's the meter man from the electric company, so we go back to minding our own business.

Now, you don't ever have to be startled again because with smart meters, energy companies don't have a need for meter readers. The reason is, these meters calculate your energy usage - much the same way that older meters did - but with a twist. They transport the data back to the energy company electronically.

3 Ways Smart Meters Save Consumers Money

Meter Readers: This the first way customers save money with these meters. There is no need for them anymore, as well as the vehicles they drive and the licensing, insurance, maintenance, etc., that came along with them.

States like Texas with deregulated energy markets pass these savings on to consumers.

Record of Use: Another way smart meters save consumers money has to do with how they record energy use. Using these meters, your energy usage is recorded every 15 minute. This is practically real time. Not only that, the smart meter even analyzes a history of your electricity use.

With raw data like this at your disposal, you can better manage your energy consumption month in and month out.

Comparative Shopping: The final way smart meters save customers money is that it gives them real numbers to deal with. That way, they can do some comparison shopping to find out who really has the best electric rates.
In the past, every business and household in Texas is required to have an electric meter on their property. The reason for this is pretty obvious; it's to make sure there is an accurate and consistent way to measure the electricity going into your home and/or business each month. This is helpful for both us, the customers and electric companies because it allows for a more accurate bill each month. And up until now, that is all the meter was designed to do; interestingly enough it has been this same way for about 50 years. But because we live in a world where new technology is always being developed, a more interactive and "smart" meter has been created to not only help the consumer but to help the electricity companies and the electric delivery companies as well.
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