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Published: Mon Aug 14 2017

Jobs in Africa | Careers in Africa | Work in Africa
Anyone considering an expatriate job in Africa should study the on-line Africa Jobs Boards. Live job boards are the best way to find available openings whether you are a mining engineer, an accountant, a diesel mechanic or a business development manager.
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All these roles, and many others are advertised on websites designed to attract the best candidates. Recruitment agencies with extensive experience in Africa are the main advertisers acting on behalf of global and regional clients. Some of them have job boards in French and Portuguese to attract these language speakers.

Hiring companies using agencies include mining houses, oil and gas contractor companies, banks, construction companies and export and import traders. Few positions are advertised directly by clients. Anyone seriously looking for an opportunity in Africa should review these listings often as new openings are added daily. Positions may be on a short-term or long-term contract basis or may be for permanent employment.

In African countries the work locations and the pay vary greatly depending on the job role and industry. Technical and engineering professionals can be posted to offshore platforms, on-shore compounds, open cast mines and other rural locations in countries like Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Congo. Where the work is challenging and the working conditions are difficult, premium rates can apply. Conventional office jobs that have more amenable surroundings in cities like Lagos, Dar-es-Salaam and Johannesburg are also available to expatriates.

An applicant can apply for any number of jobs or load his CV on the database for future new positions being advertised. Jobs Boards should not charge candidates a fee for any of the services they provide. Beware of intermediaries that do this. Usual business practice is for the client to pay the cost of the placement.
If you ever wondered who all those people are sitting behind notebook computers enjoying cups of coffee and having long discussions are - those are the most talented at work. They set up short-term projects, work together, collapse the project when it's done, move somewhere else, do it again. The type of job insecurity that highly skilled people demand is anathema to the union movement. Yet, if you are unemployed and struggling to find a job in Africa, you are also probably unskilled. If you are skilled - and especially if you have good technical skills - then you're probably working harder than you've ever worked in your life while earning well. In a recent international survey, the Corporate Executive Board polled senior human resources managers around the world about their main concerns. Some 62% worried about company-wide talent shortages. More than two-thirds declared "attracting and retaining" talent was their number one concern.At the same time a major demographic shift is taking place: the baby boomers are getting ready to retire. By one estimate half the top people at America's 500 leading companies will retire over the next five years.International competition for recruiting the best and brightest is hotting up. Infosys, the Indian technology giant, spends $ 100 million a year on training.It is no wonder that, with all this competition, TCS - an Indian software company intending to hire 30 000 software engineers over 2007 - has a sign at the entrance to their building: "Warning, trespassers will be recruited."
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