How to replace HTC U11 cracked screen, charging port and battery

From: Etrade Supply
Published: Mon Aug 14 2017

Tools need:
Heat gun
Pry tools
Screw driver
Step 1 Turn off the phone and take out the SIM Card Tray
It is necessary to turn off the phone and take out the SIM card tray before the disassembly started.
Step 2 Remove the Back Housing
Heating the smartphone with the heat gun will make it easier to remove the back housing with pry tools.
Heat the backhousing with hot gun 1 pry the backhousing with metal tool 2
Pry the back housing with a pry tool and slide it around the edge.
use metal tool work around the edge screen 3 the backhousing is totall seperate 4
Step 3 Remove Wireless Charging Coil
Undo 5 screws on the wireless charging coil with a screw driver then you can remove the wireless charging coil.
undo 5 screws on wireless charging 5 take part the wireless charging 6
Step 4 Remove Battery
Release battery connector and then pry the battery with pry tools.
release battery connector 7 pry the battery with pry tool 8
Here is the battery.
Here is the battery 9
Step 5 Remove Motherboard
Undo the screw as shown below and release 8 connectors then you can take out the motherboard.
release this screw 10 release all connectors on motherboard 11 take part the motherboard 12
Step 6 Remove Cameras
Remove the front camera on the motherboard and the rear camera is on the back side.
take part the front camera 13 take part the rear camera 14
Step 7 Remove Loudspeaker and Charging Port
Undo 7 screws as the pic shown below with screw driver and take out the plastic cover.
undo 7 screws on the lauder speaker 15
Undo the screw on the charging port board
screw 1 screw on charging port 16
Take out the loudspeaker
Release 5 connectors on the charging port board
release 5 connectors on charging port board 18
And now we can take out the charging port with tweezers.
take out the charging board with tweezers 19
Step 8 Remove Pressure Sensing Flex Cable
First, we should remove the plastic rod with pry tool and then we can take out the flex cable with tweezers
take out plastic 20 Here is the plastic 21 take part the pressure sensor cable with tweezers 22 take out flex cable 23
The screen assembly is hard to separate from the frame so the disassembly is finished now and if you have some other views and suggestions, welcome comments below.
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