Hotel Price Comparison Search Finally Goes Live

From: Ratecompares
Published: Tue Aug 15 2017

Applying radical common sense, Rate Compares, the world’s largest travel site, announces the launch of its all-in-one Hotel Price Comparison search, now live worldwide. Rate Compares is the first to match real-time pricing and availability with the more than 1 million original reviews and opinions of Rate Compares travellers.

"Our bad," said Alamgir Rajab, Founder and CEO of Rate Compares. "We want to help travellers plan and have the perfect trip, not drive them crazy with endless annoying pop-ups before they’ve booked it. We are excited to offer real-time hotel prices and availability in one convenient display."
"I recently searched a popular New York hotel, hit the ‘See All’ pricing link and — expecting to wade through countless pop-ups — I went to grab a cup of coffee," said one Rate Compares "member." "When I came back to sift through the results, there was only one display…one! Can you believe it? A unified price comparison search is a dream come true!"

Rate Compares now displays an easy-to-read layout of pricing and availability from multiple booking partners in one view. This means that travellers can apply a simple method for choosing top-rated hotels at a great price: research a hotel for their chosen dates of stay, compare options at a glance to select their favorite, and click through to the booking partners’ sites to complete the transaction.

"This was the most logical step in the evolution of Rate Compares". "Pairing our best-in-class user-generated content with pricing in one display gives a better experience to our travellers and even more qualified leads to our hotel booking partners."

The new price comparison search display is now live for hotels in every country in the world and is available on all and all mobile platforms.

We have created a couple of videos to help you understand these changes (skip to these at the foot of the article…if you like) but it’s probably worthwhile seeing some of the basic facts first. Like them or not, here they are;

1. Rate Compares is a booking website used to book accommodation online.

2. Accommodation businesses can receive bookings directly from the Rate Compares website using a booking engine i.e. Freetobook.

3. If you are already working with an OTA (Online Travel Agent) like Expedia or you may find that the OTAs advertise your availability on Rate Compares. These bookings will come through the OTA (not directly from Rate Compares) and look like any other OTA booking and you pay your agreed commission to the OTA, as usual.

4. The OTA pays to advertise on the Rate Compares website, each OTA decides if they want to advertise your availability. You have no control over this.

5. Rate Compares lists availability and prices prominently so properties that don’t have online rates will be more difficult to find and if they are found they’ll be surrounded by images and popups directing customers to nearby available properties.

6. Available to accommodation owners worldwide except if you have a holiday rental on HolidayLettings or FlipKey

In short, if you don’t have online rates you will receive less traffic and fewer bookings than in previous years.
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