Aidi School Goes All Out for Children’s Day

From: Aidi International School
Published: Wed Aug 16 2017

The exciting build-up before Children’s Day on June 1st is one full of sunshine and happiness! It’s a colourful weekend for children all around China, and especially for the children at Aidi International School as they host their Carnival!

On May 26th, Aidi School’s playground was transformed into a lively carnival scene, with eye-catching bright lights and upbeat tunes pumping, creating a dazzling stage for the adorable children to perform range of varied acts they had practising for hours on end. Amongst the excitement, a mouth-watering that had been lovingly prepared by the teachers and students at Aidi lay waiting for everyone to devour! What an evening we had in store!
Children Display Their Inheritance of National Culture
Folk songs are deeply treasured and cherished folk dances express love within Chinese culture, and through their performances allow their audience to gain a deeper understanding of the national culture.
This audience was treated to the flawless performances of the classic songs and dances of Chinese culture by the Aidi schoolchildren, including the subtle and beautiful "Ling bird" Dai dance, Jiangnan’s gentle folk song "Jasmine and the majestic Orogen "E Hulan Randan". The mesmerising performances transported the audience to the distant beauty of Guangxi and Yunnan, then to the thrilling Dragon Boat races on a river in Hubei, before enchanting them with the magnificent mountains of Guuangxi. It was clear to see that the children have a profound understanding of the all the different cultures and characteristics that China has to offer.

The students also entertained their audience with their interpretations of modern poetry in different art forms. The beautiful poem "Fairview" was transformed into song, and the reading of Liang Qichao’s "Young China" was creatively performed, and moved the audience with its uplifting delivery.

It Takes Plenty of Effort to Perfect Performances
Beijing Opera and martial arts are quintessential aspects of Chinese culture and they are as spellbinding as they are challenging to perform. Regarding the difficulty of art forms, it has been said that "One minute on stage takes 10 years". Yet despite their youth, the students surprised the audience with the sheer talent they demonstrated in their performances.

The audience roared with applause in awe of the complicated movements, somersaults and handsprings completed with precision and accuracy in the martial arts act; and were stunned by the vivid beauty of the Beijing Opera enactment. The Beijing Opera ensemble displayed the children’s incredible competence at playing musical instruments whilst the high-intensity hip-hop dance act demonstrated how much the Aidi children benefit from their studies and sustained effort and practice.
Express Love and Be Proud Of Yourself
The sixth grade students’ performance at the carnival is the perfect ending to their primary school career as their graduation nears. After years enjoying Aidi together, the love and affection between the students and teachers is moving and can be felt throughout the whole show.
Throughout these performances, it is clear to see that the students of Aidi have developed and convey amazing self-confidence in themselves. They’re brave and genuinely proud of themselves and their peers. This allows them to remain persistent in following their dreams of success and enterprise.
By the end of the evening, each child who took part is a star in their own right! After just two hours, the carnival has left the audience and the students with memories that will last a lifetime. Which was your favourite performance?? Might yours be when our young hosts confidently took the stage to entertain the audience in both Chinese and English?

Could your favourite moment the captivating dance with our beautiful students dressed head to toe in exotic clothing?

Or was it the moment when our 80 student-strong choir sang in unison a song expressing their love for their country?

We certainly can’t pick just one!
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