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Published: Sat Aug 19 2017

The Edutech Company Meluha, in partnership with the state government of Andhra Pradesh, launched the prestigious Vidyavaani project last month in July in Vijayawada. The scope of the project is to connect the government run schools with the Virtual classrooms in a digital studio. Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Sri N. Chandra Babu Naidu has launched the project on 24th of July, in the presence of cabinet ministers Sri P. Narayana and Sri GhantaSrinivasa Rao and interacted with the students from several schools through the Video Interaction system.
The aim of the project is to address the scarcity of the teaching faculty in government schools. The project was launched and demonstrated in a CV Raman Municipal High School where the Chief Minister Sri N. Chandra Babu Naidu interacted with the teachers and the students live in a video conference.
The founder of Meluha technologies, Mr. Abhilekh explained that the company had developed a curriculum based 3D animated content for the teachers. The teachers in the digital studio use the animated videos and graphics to explain the concepts to the students. The project has 30% of the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation partnership, has already connected 28 classrooms to the Virtual Digital Class Room. (VDCR)
Chief Minister Sri Chandra Babu Naidu congratulated Meluha technologies for introducing the Digital content and Digital technology to the state education system, to make it more efficient. He lauded the efforts and the courage of Meluha technologies for coming forward to execute his dream project and making it a success.
Another 4000 municipal and government schools in the state will be connected to the VDCR said Mr. Abhilekh explaining about the project. He further added that the cloud interactive system allows the teachers to store the 3 d animated content in the cloud and retrieve it when necessary.
The project implementation had cost about Rs. 1.94 crore rupees of which 70% was the Meluha’s contribution, the remaining was funded by the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation. The project includes installing smart technology hardware equipment at school which will have 1 MBPS dedicated bandwidth of internet connection. The Virtual Digital classroom studio runs on 4MBPS internet bandwidth.
The teachers in the government schools that are connected with Project Vidyavaani will get access to Meluha’s Android application which has the curriculum based 3D animated Digital content. Further, the Meluha technologies will train teachers and give them the interactive Ebooks, reading materials, train them in Critical Incident Technique (CIT), etc. The project allows the higher authorities to understand and monitor the operating hours of the teachers to evaluate teacher’s performance.
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