Home Cash Line Review - Don't Confuse With Similar Names

From: Home Cash Line
Published: Sat Aug 19 2017

Here's the good and bad news about Home Cash Line.

First the bad news! I really wish that George Owens and his team had picked a different name for Home Cash Line. Apparently there are a couple of real estate related scams online with similar names.

You don't want to confuse Home Cash Line with them.

Now the good news. Are you tired of trying to figure out the complex world of marketing on the internet? Then what Home Cash Line has put together may be just right for you.

Without Needing A Computer
Recently I read an article saying that billions of people are still "off-line." Which I take to mean that they don't have, or have access to, a computer. That means that there are people who may want to earn money without needing a computer.

Frankly, I had grown weary of the whole Facebook thing. Trying to advertise there is very expensive and awfully confusing.

Home Cash Line is really a brilliant system. And it's perfect for stay at home moms, students, and seniors needing to make some extra money -- without a computer.

George Owens has been marketing online (and off) for a long time. You can find a couple of his books on Amazon KDP.

Here's what makes it such a smart program:

1) All you need is a telephone.
2) You don't sell anything to anyone personally.
3) The system does the work.

And no, there aren't any pushing boiler room sales guys and gals disguised as 'your personal coach' trying to upsell you to a higher priced package.

(This sneaky tactic is being used by a couple of popular high ticket online programs right now (whose names I won't mention).

Nope, it's not network marketing (MLM) either. Not that I really have anything against MLM.

It's a straight commission affiliate program that is sweeping the country.

If you have read this far and are at least a little curious call the 24/7 recorded message at:

(443) 927-7745

Please do use my code number (3039526083) if you decide to join.

They also have a website:


VIDEO (If you can use the video)

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