If MBA from a Worldís top university is your dream, then your first step is to score 700+ in GMAT. Increase your chances by 3 times to score 700 and above when you prepare with Magoosh.

[ClickPress, Sat Aug 19 2017] Letís see some of the unique specialties at Magoosh.

Are you planning on taking the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) anytime soon? Practicing with professional test preparation material can ensure that the exam fee of US $250 gets well- utilized. Gear up to make the upcoming 3 hours and 30 minutes are the most stress-free and high performing hours of your educational life.
1 - GMAT Diagnostic test

Wondering how would you do on the GMAT? The Diagnostic test lets you know how would you perform when compared with others. Both the Quant Diagnostic and the Verbal Diagnostic take 25 minutes each. After you have taken the test, scores are emailed to you along with the recommendations for scoring higher.

Score 700 and above on GMAT
2 - A Study Plan for Everyone

You have different study plans offering you exactly what you want based on the stage of preparation.

Magoosh offers 1 Month GMAT Study Schedule on Daily as well as weekly basis. Then there is daily 3 Month GMAT Study Schedule for Beginners which could be Math Focused or Verbal Focused. Those who have been preparing for long and would like to up their scores can opt for the daily 3 Month GMAT Study Schedule for Advanced Students. If you are looking at a long-term plan then there is the weekly 6 Month Study Schedule.
3 - High-Quality Professional Study Material

To ensure that each one of the 800 practice questions counts, the team at Magoosh includes most up to date, tried and tested material. This is a huge advantage to students when compared to otherís who do not update their practice questions as frequently as supposed to.
4 - Real Test Experience followed by Video and Text explanations

Full-length tests offer confidence to the test taker. Simulating the official GMAT they have developed an adaptive technology. The practice sessions have been customized around different subjects with varying levels of difficulty. For every question video tutorials and text explanations is available to make you sail through to the correct answers.

Score 700 and above on GMAT
5 - No worries as you have a Free trial for 7 days

There is a free-trial available for a week. Later you could choose for self-study or guided study. The Tutoring + Premium option provides personalized study plan with 1 year of access and +50 score guarantee.
6 - Real Student Success Stories

You can check out what GMAT applicants scored using Magoosh preparation. The list is for real and hence are the reviews. They are all listed with most recent GMAT takers and many of them scored 700+.

High-quality study material, Flexible Plans, Free Trial and moreover 30% of Magoosh GMAT students score 700+ while only 10% only score 700+ in GMAT overall. Thatís the reason GMAT applicants choose Magoosh are 3 times more sure to score above 700 than on their own.

Get this accessible, effective and best value, double guarantee plan (7-day money back and 50 points score improvement) a try now!

Score 700 and above on GMAT

Our best wishes to your dream of an MBA from Top class University.

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