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Published: Sat Aug 19 2017

As in every sphere of life, people have their own style of learning. Some prefer:

To learn on their own at their own convenience or what we call self-paced learning.
To undergo a live virtual class-room training, and like the ability to interact with instructor or peers.
To learn mostly on their own, but need an expert or mentor to guide them as needed.
To attend classroom training

Decisions are more based on their objective, comfort levels and their ability to allot time.
We at AboutTrainings understand that and we are trying to bring courses of all types to you. Soon, you will be able to explore all types of learning programs and choose that fits into your style of learning.

Online Courses, whether self-paced or mentor based, will all be available for you to search and choose. Though, classroom training will follow in coming months.

We already started providing information about courses from popular platforms. Few of them being:







Soon you will be able to search for online courses yourself and make a right choice for your learning needs. We thank you for support in our collective ambitions of effective learning.

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