[ClickPress, Sun Aug 20 2017] Santa Clara, Ca. - Best Selling Author Felisha Bradshaw is bringing her expertise to offer authors the key to self-publishing, branding and marketing strategies in one package. Unlike other publishers, she will also offer traditional publishing.

NOEMI WAITS FOR TOMORROW by PB&j will be their debut children's book to be released summer’s end of 2016. Noemi is a Cuban and Puerto Rican girl who has moved into a new home. It is the summer and she has yet to meet any children her age. When her mother tells her that she doesn’t have to rush the entire summer’s fun in one day and to wait for “tomorrow”. Noemi assumes she’s a new friend coming to play so she waits and waits but is surprised at who she ends up meeting.
PB&j will be releasing some series, collaborations and standalone children’s books that are a reflection of the life based upon author Felisha Bradshaw's niece Julia Bradshaw and other family members and friends. Julia’s whimsical, curious yet silly personality will captivate the interests of all children. Her mixed heritage allows her to relate to multi-cultural children. Her Bedtime Babies Series will address childhood issues in growing up, understanding the day to day interactions with her surroundings and important messages about understanding differences in culture. The use of animals, monsters, and fairytale related creatures, will release the boundaries of children thinking race as well as gives them characters they can get to know and love and then…understand. These other characters will teach children to love regardless of race, age, culture, and affiliation.

NO MORE COLD TOES is a silly rhyming read with an important message about learning to cope with change and transitioning from the old to the new. Julia can't seem to sleep because her blanket is getting too small to keep her toes warm. She tries everything she can to keep her toes warm when the solution is obvious.

Julia learns that with getting older comes change and the letting go of the old and welcoming the new. Her pet Mr. Chubbs and Julia's mom help Julia realize that she is a big girl now and if she wants to be a big girl when it comes to her toys and other big girl treats she had to be a big girl completely.

PB&j is a mother-daughter duo from Bridgeport, CT, but has moved to the sunny Santa Clara, California. The collectively will walk the journey of children's book writing together providing fresh new outlooks from the real events of Julia Bradshaw touched with a pinch pf imagination and wonderment.

"J" recently graduated from high school and will be pursuing higher learning in the area of Art Therapy. She is looking forward to healing and mending the hearts of children through art and written expression. "PB" is an Amazon Best Selling full-time writer and owner of a few literary outlets. She has a strong background helping youth in crisis. She has two degrees, an Associates in Science and a bachelor's in Psychology with a minor in Sociology.

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