Content Marketing Trends 2017 that you must be aware about!

Published: Mon Aug 21 2017

Tired of doing content marketing but didn’t received the expected results? Content marketing done is not as easy as the numbers 1-2-3-4. For the starters, it is very much common of being ignored but for that one must remember that the content should be highly valuable that the audience wants to read which you are targeting. For increasing the audience, one must produce the content that will raise the interest of the people who are reading it and also must focus to boost your brand awareness. As the trends are changing, so you must change yourself accordingly. In short, centralize on the things that you want to say and what the user is interested in reading.

Here below are some content marketing trends that you must focus in 2017.

• Emanation of new video formats
As we all are familiar that the addition of video to our landing page increases our conversion rate by 80 percent. But now lots of things has changed and lots of more options are available now. The formats has changed now but the youtube hosted videos will still remain prime.

1. Social Video: The most frequently visited video site was youTube even one year ago but now people are bringing to light new platforms like facebook for video discovery. The advertisers are also enjoying more options when it comes to promotion of their videos online.

2. Live Video: The live videos went supreme in 2016 and the results were amazing. It is the fact that it boosts up more credible interactions.
3. Short Video: While doing content marketing, one must remember to promote short videos, especially in the case when you were trying to attract young customers.

• Get ready to write bigger contents now
The people are ready to write 500 words for each single topic for their business but that is not sufficient in 2017. Your content must be more bigger now and you must enrich your content by usings images, graphs, infographics, chapters, etc. So that it will look more attractive and the users will be attracted towards it. The main difference between the previous content strategies and the one that has changed now is that the content must be detailed and longer one.

• Make your content an attractive one
Simply writing a big content of the appropriate word limit is not enough as your content should be an attractive one so that more number of audience get attracted towards it. Your content must contain some forms of graphs, images, videos, GIFs, etc. Interactive content must get more adhesion in 2017 as it will involve more user engagement and will also educate them.

• Increase of native advertising
Native advertising and content marketing are both linked in with each other. The two main benefits of using this advertising is that there are higher chances that your ads will be watched and listened to by the audience and the other one is there is a greater scope that they will rub-off the brand.
So overall the conclusion that comes out is that the content marketing trends that will come up in 2017 is native advertising, bigger blog posts, and videos will rule over the content industry. These trends have emerged to keep up with the changing times.
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