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Published: Mon Aug 21 2017

Singapore – The CellOS Software (http://www.cellossoftware.com) Board of Directors has been working with current CEO, Kamlesh Patel, for a succession plan for some time. Today, it is with great pleasure that the Board announces that Dr. Suraj Gerard Siva Prasad has been appointed to the role of CEO of CellOS Software Ltd on 10th August 2017. He will continue to be based in Singapore.

As a key member of the current leadership team, Suraj is very familiar with the Company’s business, partners, products and capabilities. In preparation for taking the executive position Suraj had earlier assumed the role of Global Head of Sales a few months ago to build relationships with the Company’s customers and agents in the field. He is a respected and established executive in the Telco Industry. He brings a new dimension and energy to the role.

Suraj has over 20 years of experience in corporate planning and sales in the Energy, Power and Telecommunications sectors. His association with Telecoms began in March 1999 with MYCOM International where he was the Regional Business Development Director for Asia Pacific and subsequently Country Manager for PT. MYCOM Networks Indonesia where he took on P&L and overall responsibility for the Company’s Asia Pacific Operations. He also brings operator experience to the table, having spent time with Maxis in Malaysia as Head of Commercial Partnerships.

His experience with Telco Analytics started in 2012 with Actix Ltd, followed in 2014 with Carrier IQ where as Vice President for Asia Pacific, he seeded Device level Analytics into the Asian Telcos before Carrier IQ was bought out by AT&T in early 2016.

"Suraj is well equipped to take the Company to the next level of its growth phase and the Board will give him every support to ensure success," said Janifer Yeo- Tan, Chairman, CellOS Software. "The Board is excited by the new insights and spirit Suraj brings to the role."

The Board wishes to thank Kamlesh Patel for navigating the Company through a very challenging time. As a result of the hard work put in by Kamlesh and his team, the Company is now in an enviable position with many exciting projects having commenced in the Telco space.

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At CellOS Software, our vision is to enable big data monetization and improved network intelligence for the communications networks of tomorrow. To realize this, CellOS Software offers a wide range of solutions based on big data analytics. Our key focus areas include industry leading Revenue Assurance, Network Analytics, and Campaign Management solutions. This unique ability to extract key insights from network data in real-time allows our partners to not only maximize existing revenue streams but also explore new revenue streams for improved monetization of their network assets.

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