Deep Cleaning Exercise that need to be followed in Home

From: Helpr Infotech India Pvt. Ltd.
Published: Tue Aug 22 2017

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Wash and put away the dishes.
Throw out the expired food from the stock and fridge.
Empty and take out the trash
Wipe the interiors of the microwave oven
Wipe and disinfect the interiors of your refrigerator
Deep Clean the stovetop and allow some time for it to dry.
Organize the shelves and cabinets.
Wash the garbage can

Living Room
Dust all the appliances.
Dust all the photos hanging on the wall.
Take the pillow covers for washing.
Clean the carpet and the couch using a vacuum cleaner.
Dust the shelves and organize the miscellaneous items.

Dining Room
Wipe the dining table clean
Organize the miscellaneous items
Take out the ever silver cutleries and give them a polish.

Scrub the shower and all the fixtures.
Scrub the bathtub or the shower enclosures
Remove and wash the shower curtains.
Clean the shelves and cabinets.
Organize the shelves and cabinets.
Scrub the toilet and use a disinfectant.
Take out the trash and dispose it.
Wash the trash can.
Wipe the mirror clean.
Scrub the wash basin clean.

Dust the dressing table clean.
Wipe the mirrors clean.
Clean and organize the cabinets and drawers.
Remove and wash the pillow covers and bedsheets.
Flip and rotate the mattress.
Remove the curtains and wash them.

Wardrobes and Closets
Carefully go through the unwanted clothes and donate / trash them.
Take the clothes that need tailoring or alteration and keep them separately.
Dust all the shelves inside the wardrobe

Dust doors and door frames.
Dust ceiling and corners of rooms.
Dust the fans in all the rooms.
Sweep or mop the floors
Vacuum the carpets.
Wash the windows with water.
Dust blinds and window silts.
Dust the decorative items.
Reorganize your cleaning kits and trash the unwanted bottles.
Run the cleaning cycle in your washing machine.

Parking Space

Sweep the floors clean.
Look out for oil spills and wipe them clean.
Clean out the vehicles and take out the trash.
Organize your toolkits and place them where they belong.

This checklist will make sure you have a crystal clean home after your deep cleaning exercise. You can choose to take a print out of this page and use it while you deep clean your home.
Deep cleaning requires the support of the members of the house. Your kids can help you with small chores. If you feel the list is extensive and you need help with deep cleaning, search no more.
Our expert deep cleaning team from Helpr will let you relax while they weave their magic and give you a clean home to get back to.
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