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Published: Wed Aug 23 2017

Now you can have your own lawyer and doctor anywhere anytime at, at you can consult lawyers and doctors online for free, you can chat online with lawyers and doctors for up to 24 hours for free. Option of telephonic and video consultations with experienced lawyers and doctors are also available for free. Or if you need to hire lawyers and doctors instantly find best Lawyers and Doctors anywhere anytime at stay assured that you receive best consultations online or best consultations rate them or see their previous consultations offered to previous clients. And be assured.
We want everyone to have their own lawyer and doctor, and we are not restricted to the place and timings. Which means you can have your own lawyer and doctor anywhere anytime on the globe and you can stay connected with them in future as well. At PLUNES we believe that no one should be deprived of these basic necessities, no one would be oppressed and no one would be deprived of basic healthcare.
At professionals such as Lawyers and Doctors can also connect with each other. We provide this unique opportunity where professionals can offer solutions and find solutions to their concerns as well. Even you can create Video presentations, Video CVs, or if you are a professional you can create video tutorials to attract potential clients. Live debate option is also available where you can debate on any topic you deem Important. Receive live votes based on your arguments and enhance your skills.
At you can connect with your colleagues, friends and classmates and even with Lawyers and Doctors of your choice as well. Professionals can increase their clientele by just sitting over their sofa and earn for every consultations they offer. It was never this easy to increase your clientele and earning. Visit to the professionals will be things of the past. You can find solutions to your any concerns at and at the same time offer solution to the people in need.
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