Supreme Court in India Declared Right to Privacy a Fundamental Right.

From: Techoup
Published: Thu Aug 24 2017

Right to Privacy is now a Fundamental Right. The Decision After which it got Released People here and there saying that Right to Privacy now become a Fundamental Right.

But the Best What to Know thing is, Anything which becomes a Fundamental Right, with the Virtue of it becomes a justiciable Right i.e. a person who seeks a violation of Fundamental Right against him/her can Directly go to the Highest Court i.e. to the Supreme Court of India.
Most of the Fundamental Rights are directly Enforceable.

But on the Other Hand they are not Sacrosanct or Permanent.
They Can be Suspended during the operation of a National Emergency except Article-20 & 21.
Their Scope of Operation is Limited by Article 31 A,31 B,31 C.

Previously Right to Privacy was just Coming Under Right to Liberty as Defined in the Preamble of The Constitution of India.
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