Industry Leading Landlord Licensing Scheme Provider Consider Rate Brings Holistic Support for Agents

From: Consider Rate
Published: Thu Aug 24 2017

Property letting is a deal that takes place between three parties, a landlord, a tenant and a letting agent. Given that every party involved has their specific requirements which are quite dissimilar from that of the other, it is quite a tricky business for one company to cater to all. Such companies are few and far between and Consider Rate is one such name that comes up in the talk. Based in the United Kingdom, the company offers a three-fold service in which it offers landlord licensing scheme accreditation, resources and contacts for the tenants and business for the letting agents.

In its past few years of service, the company has effectively managed to bridge the gap between its mass of clients by bringing them closer like never before. Eliminating all risks of misunderstanding and subsequent disputes between the parties due to lack of clarity in communication, Consider Rate has straightened the complex system of letting, making the experience rather simple and smooth for its participants.

After studying the problems closely and tracing their roots, the company’s team of consultants came together to build clear-cut profiles for all the parties. That approach helped build trust and confidence in one another because a properly written profile is what the missing piece was until now.

The company creates comprehensive profiles for agents thus saving them time and effort, pre-screen the tenants for them, manage the property portfolio and work on their businesses’ public relation.

It helps landlords by explaining the legal clauses down to the last detail, collect feedback to make improvements possible, help in showcasing properties as safe and standard, offer accreditation scheme Liverpool and maintain a nice business profile. All these tasks take a lot of time and expertise that landlords often fall short of. With assistance from Consider Rate, landlords can manage their businesses better than doing it singlehandedly.

Consider Rate’s team of consultants helps tenants build a rental history, help improve their credit ratings, explain to them their specific responsibilities during tenancy and get them accredited. This makes finding a place to rent in the future much easy. As for the students, Consider Rate saves their precious time by bringing to them useful resources in the form of an impressive portfolio and general awareness so that renting after college doesn’t become a problem.
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