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Published: Thu Aug 31 2017

Joachim Asbrede and Elena Etcharren have joined forces to provide practical, proven, pragmatic advice to firms and their executives. Our industry focus includes financial services, technology corporates, and consumer goods companies. It is here where we can effectively accelerate growth.

Joachim brings over 25 years experience leading sales force transformation and management development for leading firms like Hewlett Packard, IHS Markit, ASSET4 and Oracle. Elena brings over 20 years both industry and consulting expertise in business strategy, customer experience and innovation working for some of the world's leading consumer goods companies: Procter & Gamble, Nestlé, Coca-Cola, Wrigley, and Accenture. The combination of their complementary experience results in solid, structured and creative growth strategies & tactics for their clients. Solid, structured and creative is also the hallmark of their logo, an abstract bird's eye view of a tree.

"We see growth acceleration as a key issue that our clients continue to face as they seek to retain their share of business in the current climate of low single digits, synced global growth," says Joachim Asbrede. After an initial interview or two to diagnose the problem, ja-advisory will collaborate with you and your teams to create new strategies and tactics that address client's specific issues. "We often see clients struggle with an outdated and inflexible business strategy, a lack of relevant customer centricity on the marketing and sales force or a need to refresh their pipeline of products and services," says Elena Etcharren.

Reach out to Joachim Asbrede and Elena Etcharren via ja-advisory.com for an initial consultation to see how we can help you bring growth to your business or brands.

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