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From: Solid India Ltd
Published: Thu Aug 31 2017

Solid India Ltd. is a leading manufacturer & exporter of road construction equipment in Ahmedabad, India.

Solid India Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and exporter of road construction friendly equipment. Our equipment is designed to suit modern norms of creation and environment protection. We provide different types of asphalt mixing plants, asphalt paver finisher 5.5 meters and 4.5 meters, diesel refueling unit and much more equipment suitable for sophisticated road creation. As far as road construction is concerned, there were several factors analyzed through research to compensate tough aspects in road creation but our equipment is designed to reduce all possibilities of damages and providing reliable infrastructure to withstand environmental and practical damages like asphalt paver finisher hydrostatic drive sensor which is suitable for paving roads in fast and reliable way.

Significant Aspects of Road Construction Machine Design

Labour cost is certainly high when compared to building construction and the requirement for labour is relatively more for large projects but Solid India Ltd. equipment reduced the requirement of labour for many activities including asphalt mixing, material feeding, leveling, etc. There are many practical difficulties faced in road creation. Mixing the raw materials in correct proportion and laying them on time without any wastage remained difficult to manage that time our road construction equipment have simplified these tasks and paved way for smart construction and providing the proposed road construction on time remained a tough aspect when it was done with limited tools and more manpower assistance.

Asphalt is the top most material applied for obtaining good quality roads. Application of enhanced or improved asphalt mixture supports for long life road. Our road structuring equipment is to find lifetime road pavement which can withstand several disturbing and dent forming factors. We provide smart and best construction equipment for the safety of workers and safety of environment for road making. Our equipment like asphalt drum mix plant mobile, bitumen pressure distributor and asphalt paver finisher hydrostatic drive sensor stay very efficient to manage road paving with less perspective for pollution.
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