Compelling Reasons As To Why You Must Play Guitar

From: Acousterr
Published: Thu Aug 31 2017

Learning to play guitar can definitely change your life in much more profound ways than you can think of. There is a research that proves that our brains work very differently as compared to others. There are some who consider this as an inherent quality of a genius while some state that when one learns to play the chords of a guitar it opens up their neural pathways. Thus, a guitarist has the ability to reorganize their brain in a much positive manner that has several cognitive, professional, physical, mental, personal, as well as social benefits.

Socially, it can work in your favor by raising the mood when you play guitar in a room full of friends or strangers. There are very few musical instruments that equate the ability of guitar to unite people. Pianos are also capable of doing that, but guitars have a better sense of spontaneity in them. You can always take one at a party and get everybody’s attention. It can also help you bring-in new people in your world when they come to know about this hidden talent in you. Nobody thinks that a reticent, shy person could be a songwriter or a drummer.

Personally, it helps in improving your memory and focus because as you learn to read guitar tabs and create chord shapes it really helps in keeping your attention in one place. Slowly, it can also help you handle multiple tasks like a professional as when you play you need to coordinate between your hands, eyes, and ears. And when you are a pro with guitar chords it really boosts up your confidence and gives a sense of achievement. It also creates new goals for you like excelling in playing a new guitar song. When you set your time for guitar practice, it help in development of time management skills. And best part, it also helps in relieving stress and getting rid of heavy strumming.

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