Verification is also important after filing an Income Tax Return, this is the way

Published: Thu Aug 31 2017

If you have filtered the ITR for the financial year 2017 but have not been able to get e-verification, it is a hassle for you, because it is not only the ITR filing but also the verification of it is also necessary. Let us know that the last date for filing of ITR for the financial year 2016-17 is 31 July 2017. In this situation, taxpayers should talk about this. We talked to E-Munshi's Tax Expert and Chartered Accountant (CA) Ankit Gupta about this.
If your verification is not done even after ITR filing, then you can use 5 ways in this situation. But before that know what will happen if you do not get e-verification?
What will happen if you do not do e-verification?
If you have not done e-verification by the deadline, your refund will not come.
If you have not made e-verification for 120 days (from the date of filing ITR), the Income Tax Department official has the right to say that you have not filed the ITR file.
Now know what is the solution: You can adopt these five methods in the event of not having e-verification even after ITR filing. Know about them ......
1. Acceptment, withdraw the ITRV form and sign it and send it to the Income Tax department's office.
2. If the Aadhar card is linked to your income tax PAN, then you can get it e-verification from Aadhar card too. By going to the Income Tax Department's site, if you click on the e-verification option, a code will be sent to your registered mobile number, it is called an EVC (Electronic Verification Code). You can also do e-verification through this medium.
3. You can also do this through mobile and e-mail. You can also do e-verification through mobile OTP. However this facility is for small taxpayers.
4. You can also do this through bank account and internet banking. Internet Banking has the option of an e-Verify return, from here you can also do e-verification.
5. This can also be done through digital signature. By visiting the income tax department's website, you will have to click on the digital signature to insert your password. Your return will be e-verification.\

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