First ever school workbook with AR (interactive 3D technology) to support the primary math curriculu

From: CleverBooks
Published: Tue Sep 05 2017

In the late June a young Irish company CleverBooks announced a release of a new Augmented Reality (AR) based Geometry App for Primary Education that support children age 7-11 y.o. in their learning process (check Youtube video). The technology is available for educational purposes free of charge globally in order to promote equality in education and soon will be manufactory pre-installed on all electronic devises supplied to schools around the World.
Today CleverBooks is speeding technological progress in education industry even further with the new launch of the first ever Geometry workbook that has Free Augmented Reality Geometry Learning solution incorporated to it. It will officially be presented to the international publishers and school suppliers by a guest speaker Darya Yegorina, CEO of CleverBooks at the Frankfurt Book Fair, Germany in October 2017.
"We have been working on the project since early 2016. We started with geometry as the first project in education sector and planning to roll out with other curriculum based school subjects for biology, geography, etc. from early 2018" said Darya.
Ready-to-use Geometry workbook with incorporated Free Augmented Reality Solution will provide teachers with an innovative tool to use in the math class where students can engage in learning activities more independently using the key modalities: seeing, hearing and doing. According to the research, this will strongly benefit children with learning difficulties and have larger influence among the less academically successful students elevating children’s learning experiences and energize everyday lessons.
Recent feedback from teacher committee: My initial thoughts on seeing and using the App in particular were very positive. I really enjoyed manipulating the 3D shapes and I found the interface easy to use and figure out. It certainly ‘brings shapes to life’ and I can see how today’s students would take to the App with enthusiasm. The Workbook itself is very comprehensive. I looked at the unit based on the Hexagon and there were 13 pages of activities based on the Hexagon. According to the contents, there are 5 shapes covered in the book, that’s more than 60 pages of activities on 2D and 3D shapes. I can certainly see potential in the App – with further development it could become an integral part of new Maths schemes as well as other curricular areas. (A. Dundon, 25.7.2017)

About CleverBooks
The company with in innovative product already caught attention by a number of Educational Platforms, Publishers in Ireland and UK, International Learning Disabilities Association, Math Associations in EU, US and UAE. Over the last year CleverBooks was featured in Forbes, various Radio programs in EU and US, Magazines (Irish Tech News, Ireland’s Technology Blog) that support the Innovation in education, participated in the Dragon Dan TV 2017 show and VOOM 2016 start-up accelerator competition, furthermore, according to the Culture Trip CleverBooks nominated as one of the top 10 promising new businesses to come out of Ireland in recent years.
"Our mission is to enhance children’s learning experience in schools around the world by providing teachers with engaging technology" said Darya.

Called NEW INNOVATOR by Irish Times.

You can download the App from Google play and pdf from our website. It is free. Please, visit:

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