Ultramatic Announces their All-New Mobility Scooters

From: Ultramatic Adjustable Beds & Mattresses
Published: Tue Sep 05 2017

Australia, Ultramatic Adjustable Beds & Mattresses announces the launch of their all-new mobility scooters - tailored to the needs of the individual user, with an eye for the requirements of professionals in the healthcare sector in Australia – an NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) provider. Ultramatic aims to use its products to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of people with limited mobility.

"We made sure that Ultramatic not only offers premium quality adjustable beds and mattresses, we introduce mobility scooters and electric scooters - all these are aimed at enabling people with a disability and elderly to enjoy an active social life within their capabilities. This is achieved through the offer of mobility and positioning solutions tailored to Australian needs." – said James Macgowan, CEO and Owner of Ultramatic Australia.

Ultramatic's full range is also available in the Australia of which they are proud to say that they are the leading supplier of Invacare Colibri, Pegasus Pro and Leo mobility scooters - they offer a full range of electric scooter models ranging from the small portable mobility scooters & lightweight, high-end, and excellent maneuverability models.

This year, Ultramatic announced the addition of high-powered electric scooters to its portfolio of premium mobility products along with the top-selling Invacare Colibri premium mobility scooters. The sleek, compact and lightweight scooter also has a lite lock system, which means it can be taken apart easily and without hassle. It fits neatly into the boot of any car and has excellent maneuverability in confined spaces.

Ultramatic’s mobility scooter is also renowned for its comfort, with a dual padded seat and a comfortable fit suspension kit with ergonomic handlebar which prevents hand and wrist fatigue. You can choose from 5 colors that suites your mood and style.

For more information about the Ultramatic's mobility scooters, visit http://www.ultramatic.com.au/mobility-scooters/ or Call 1800 210 330 now and if you order your new mobility scooter today you will receive a $500 one-time discount for a limited time! Ultramatic provides expertly designed, engineered, and tested products incorporating technologically innovative features enabling Australian consumers to achieve the highest quality of life.

About Ultramatic Adjustable Beds & Mattresses
Ultramatic is a registered NDIS provider of the most premium quality mobility scooters and the No.1 best-selling adjustable beds and mattresses in Australia. They are also the leading provider of mobility scooters of Invacare Colibri, Pegasus Pro and Leo mobility scooters.

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